About Ignite It Group

Companies are challenged to get more out of their current staff and maintain strong relations with their client base. Training is the key to enhanced workforce productivity and customer retention. We develop cost-effective training strategies to improve your productivity, service levels, and customer satisfaction.

Do you need someone that can help you identify which opportunities hold the greatest potential for gaining results through new learning programs?

The Ignite It Group Difference

We use a simple step-by-step approach that focuses on your current situation and desired outcomes that integrate into a comprehensive program:

  • Preliminaries & Preparation: Review the requirements for the program and assign roles to the appropriate team.
  • Initiation: Identify objectives, define the target audience, and develop program roll-out plan.
  • Design: Create schematic program outline, delivery methods, timing and schedule, processes, and more.
  • Development: Develop content and activities, create and produce materials, and implement tactile elements.
  • Activation: Test course content and activities, acquire feedback, and review feedback and activation results.
  • Review & Implementation: Perform a review with the learning team and address findings. Deploy the course to the intended audience.

By putting your current state and desired outcomes into perspective, our team designs targeted learning programs that show you measurable results.

We Can Prove It

Ignite It Group worked with a Fortune Global 500 Energy and Chemical Company to develop a work place safety program. It was critical to design a program that could effectively convey critical safety information to a global audience of 14,000 refinery workers. Our team recommended an approach that was clearly outside the comfort zone for this particular audience. The blended learning design we delivered included an e-learning module, which was new to this audience and particularly challenging as most of the target group doesn’t even use or have access to a computer in the course of their daily job. In addition, the workshop design included Accelerated Learning elements such as music, brightly decorated tables and walls, and activities that had the participants engaged and moving throughout the 3-hour event, quite a departure from their standard lecture-followed-by-quiz approach.