Recycle Right, Recycle More
Integrated Marketing Campaign

Background Information

The City of Fort Worth actively promotes and encourages recycling. Through a robust and intensive recycling study completed in 2014 by Action Research, it was recommended to the City that greatest recycling returns would come from encouraging greater recycling efforts from those citizens who did recycle versus trying to change behavior to recycling from those who did not actively participate.

Developed in partnership with our marketing agency Ignite It Group, the City of Fort Worth launched the Recycle Right, Recycle MORE campaign. The message of this campaign resonates by reinforcing the positive behavior of recycling – and encouraging even greater participation through the visual and textual education of a myriad of recyclable materials found within typical Fort Worth homes.

Target Audience

Homeowners with positive recycling habits located on five select Waste Management collection routes within the City of Fort Worth.


Increase the tonnage of correct recyclable materials from the targeted routes over a period of one year.


The greatest challenge for the City is the accurate and timely measurement and reporting of the tonnage of recycling garnered from collections on the targeted routes. These numbers will help tell the story and may affect the modification of the conversation of the campaign. Timeliness is critical to impact the campaign communication and flow.

Success Story

Although the Recycle Right, Recycle More campaign is in its infancy, the City is already seeing qualitative data suggesting the message is being received and the call-to-action is successful. Preliminary reporting indicates a 5% increase in clean recyclable tonnage from the target routes. With continuation of the drip marketing campaign in place we expect to see significant qualitative results as the campaign matures.

Take a look at the City of Fort Worth's integrated marketing components below. Click on each component image to view a full-size version.


This contemporary logo uses a visual cue from the font selection and design to reiterates the call to action to RECYCLE RIGHT with an emphasis to RECYCLE MORE! The color palette harmonizes with the City’s brand guidelines yet has a fresh and open feel with the use of white space.

Click the logo to see a larger view.

Resident Direct Mail Postcards

Mailed to 30,000 residents in both English and Spanish, these quarterly postcards educate recipients on specific recyclable materials the City is focusing on for their recycling efforts. Each quarterly mailing focuses on a different type recycleable material and where these may be found within the home environment.

To view each quarterly mailing, click an image.

Recycling Rack Card

This educational piece provides City of Fort Worth citizens recycling guidelines and options.

Click the image to see a sample of the rack card.


Provided to every household with recycling service, this easy reference guide highlights materials around the home that are recyclable within the City of Fort Worth.

Click the image to see a larger view of the magnet.

Curbside Feedback Carthanger

Direct feedback to residents is extremely powerful. This Oops tags highlights the top materials that are causing the City’s contamination problems. The City’s operational boots-to-the-ground “Blue Crew” analyze cart contents during route reviews and hang tags to provide feedback and help educate.

Click the image to see a larger view of the doorhanger.

Social Media Imagery

Used on the City social media channels, these images reinforced the message with humor.

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Resident Reinforcement

This recycling cart sticker is being utilized in a 90 day route specific beta-test along with accompanying doorhangers, postcards and social media imagery to ascertain if this positive reinforcement moves the needle with recycling volume and / or contamination.

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